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  1. Study: New Blends of Marine Fuels Have Higher BC Emissions than HFO
    New blends of marine fuels with 0.50% sulphur content can contain a large percentage of aromatic compounds.
  2. Study: Over USD 1 Trillion Needed to Decarbonize Shipping by 2050
    At least USD 1 trillion of capital investment is required to halve shipping's emissions by 2050.
  3. US-China Deal: What Will It Mean for Tanker Shipping?
    Sand: The deal will deliver both trade creation and trade diversion.
  4. Maersk CEO: EU Antitrust Rules Hurt European Companies’ Competitiveness
    Strict competition rules in Europe prevent the creation of EU giants that would compete with US and Chinese rivals.
  5. MAIB: European Causeway’s Severe Rolling Blamed on Improper Consideration of Weather Forecast
    The ro-ro passenger ferry rolled heavily in very rough seas resulting in cargo shift.