Admiralty Notices to Mariners

Brookes & Gibson print and distribute weekly British Admiralty Notice to Mariners from official data received from UKHO. BA Notices to Mariners published by Brookes & Gibson are normally available for distribution six days before they become effective. In other words on the Friday of each week

Notices are printed at high quality printing facilities and conform to all UKHO requirements. NM booklets are four hole drilled and lightly glued on the spine to allow easy extraction of blocks and T&P or book correction sections.

NMs are supplied as plain booklets or as part of “Ship Specific” packages created on behalf of distributors. Ship specific packages normally include NMs, tracings, correction lists, loose leaf updates and other ship specific information required by owners and/or distributors, new product leaflets, CDs and so on.

Brookes & Gibson are licensed distributors of British Crown copyright material including Notice to Mariners and Tracings.