Light Lists

The page replacement service of Brookes and Gibson for Admiralty List of Lights simplifies the correction process for these publications. It provides distributors a low cost route to introducing an additional and valuable product for their customers.

Brookes & Gibson print and distribute page replacement packs for Admiralty List of Lights weekly, as aids to correcting publications affected by section V of the Admiralty Notices to Mariners.


Using the page replacement approach to correcting publications not only saves time but also improves the integrity of the correction process itself.

Brookes and Gibson also publish Correction Lists for all Admiralty List of Lights titles. Correction lists are extremely valuable for the correction of publications which have (a) either been purchased uncorrected or (b) there is doubt about the completeness and accuracy of the corrections that have been made to them.

Page replacement pack published by Brookes & Gibson are normally available for distribution on the day they become effective. In other words on the Thursday of each week.