US Tracings

US TracingsBrookes & Gibson print and distribute Chart Correction Tracings for each weekly edition of US Notices to Mariners. Tracings are issued weekly, as aids to NOAA chart correcting, and reflect information published in the US Notice to Mariners. Brookes & Gibson tracings are individually validated against their respective US Notice before going to print.

US tracings published by Brookes & Gibson are normally available for distribution six days after they become effective. In other words on the Friday of each week.

Tracings are printed at our high speed digital printing facility on 63gsm translucent paper and finished on A4 style booklets. B&G tracings are 25% lighter than tracings offered by alternative suppliers and benefit customers by significant cost savings in transport.

A4 style booklets are universally found to be easier to handle, store and pack. Equally they are easier to integrate into “custom” produced correction packs for end users.

Tracings booklets are perfect bound into elegantly looking books. Each sheet of tracings contains two single tracings or one double tracing with perforation on the spine and between tracings for easy detachment from the booklet.

Tracings are supplied as plain booklets or as part of “Ship Specific” packages created on behalf of distributors. Ship specific packages normally include NMs, tracings, correction lists, loose leaf updates and other ship specific information required by owners and/or distributors, new product leaflets, CDs and so on.